Terms and conditions

You may only book a course for yourself or for someone for whom you are a guardian. When you make a booking, you will receive a confirmation with payment details to your email and by SMS. You are responsible for contacting us if the confirmation does not arrive and keeping your contact information up to date to avoid missing out on importing information from us.

Payment must be made within 14 days after your registration. In case of payment reminder by letter, a reminder and invoice fee of 150 SEK will be added.

If you choose a course marked with "queue," you are booking a waiting list spot. You do not need to pay the fee at this point. This will also be shown in your confirmation. We will contact you as soon as a spot becomes available.

Cancellation policy

Cancellation must be made in writing to info@ivrakurser.se. Non-payment or absence (non-attendance) at class does not automatically lead to cancellation.

You may cancel without cost within 14 days of your registration. However you are liable to pay for any sessions that may have been held within the 14-day cancellation period. This is in accordance with the distance purchase law. If the course has started during your withdrawal period, you agree to pay for the sessions that have passed when you notify us that you have changed your mind, according to these terms.

Cancellation beyond the 14-day period will incur a fee of 150 SEK. When the registration becomes binding, you are liable for the entire course fee.

Registration for courses with three or fewer sessions becomes binding four days before the start of the course.

Registration for courses with more than three sessions becomes binding four days after the start of the course (bank holidays are included, i.e., cancellation for Friday courses must be made no later than Tuesday). You may try our longer courses! This also applies when registering after the regular course start.

Platsgaranti (subscription)

When you book a course with us, you may only book for one semester or choose our "platsgaranti" (guaranteed spot in the class) subscription, which will guarantee you a spot in the next semester/term. If you choose the platsgaranti, this will apply for the coming semesters:

You are guaranteed a spot until you choose to cancel, and you don't have to worry about booking on time. When the participator (for example your child) has reached the groups' age limit, you will automatically be assigned a spot in an older group in the same location. If there is an intermediate group in the same location, you will automatically be assigned a spot there.

If you choose this option, we will continue to register you/your child shortly before the regular registration period opens, and you will receive a confirmation by your email. You will have 90 days to pay the course fee (the usual payment deadline is within 14 days).

Cancellation policy for platsgaranti:
You may change your platsgaranti free of charge until the confirmation is sent out. We will remind you of the opportunity to change your choice at least one week before we send out the confirmations.

After that, there will be a cancellation fee of 150 SEK until the registration becomes binding.

The registration becomes binding with full payment obligation about one month before the start of the course (the date for each semester is sent out with the confirmation of the registration). When the registration becomes binding, you can still choose to switch to another course with available spots.

Platsgaranti (Guaranteed spot subscription) when registering for waiting list/queue:
If you choose a guaranteed spot when booking a waiting list, you will keep your place in the queue and automatically become registered for the upcoming semester. This increases your chances of securing a place in the following semester. if you are assigned a place this semester, you are of course guaranteed a spot in the upcoming ones as well

In most locations, we offer lessons on one day of the Easter holidays (påsklovet) to avoid a two-week break. We always have a break from Maundy Thursday (skärtorsdagen) to Easter Monday (annandag påsk), however we offer lessons from Thursday to Monday before and after Easter, except in some municipal locations that are closed throughout the Easter holiday.

If we are forced to cancel a lesson, due to staff illness or other unexpected events, the semester will be extended by one session.

We reserve the right to make changes to schedules or the courses offered.

Force Majeure
We as providers, have no obligations nor any financial liability for cancelled services due to unforseen circumstances that are beyond our control. Force majeure may occur in, for example, extreme weather conditions, war, riots, fire hazard, explosion danger, or other circumstances beyond the control of the provider. However, we will always do our best to deliver, which may mean that the lessons will be conducted in another form to comply with the recommendations of the authorities. We may also postpone course sessions.

All participants are covered by accident insurance during the activities.